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Melissa Kaplan's Herp and Green Iguana Information Collection
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Valley Vets Ltd is very pleased to offer a comprehensive service to all owners of reptiles.

Our reptile veterinary work is conducted at our Cardiff branch, where the veterinary and nursing staff have a special interest in the veterinary care of reptiles.

We see tortoises, lizards and snakes on a daily basis. Most of these are pets, but we also work with clients involved in captive breeding.

Our nurses are very willing to discuss the diet and complex husbandry requirements of reptiles with owners.

Our nurses and veterinary staff are also happy to advise on hibernation requirements for those species that hibernate.

We supply a wide variety of reptile equipment including ceramic heat sources, natural spectrum (UV) lighting and vivarium carpets.

We also supply nutritional supplements, insect gut-loading products and effective, reptile-safe disinfectants (F10, ArkKlens, TamodeneE etc.)

Our vets advise an annual health check for all pet reptiles.

Valley Vets staff conduct reptile anaesthetics on a very regular basis. When required, most reptiles are good candidates for anaesthesia and surgery, unless they are very unwell. Please discuss any worries with our staff.

We always try to keep reptiles away from predators ( dogs, cats, birds and even other reptiles! ) when they are admitted into the clinic and firmly believe in effective pain relief for any invasive procedure.

We have a separate heated exotic ward with separately heated and illuminated reptile vivaria also.

We have no RCVS recognised specialists in reptile medicine / surgery. We are general practitioners with experience and particular interest in reptile veterinary care, working alongside a nursing team with similar experience and interest. Some reptile cases are beyond our level of expertise and we will advise referral of these cases to a RCVS Specialist.

Valley Vets Ltd encourages clients to insure their pets for veterinary fees.

RVN Nursing Team

Our Cardiff and Ystrad Mynach branches are accredited Veterinary Nurse Training Practices. Student veterinary nurses work alongside our qualified staff and attend external college regularly, to attain the qualifications necessary to become an RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse). To retain this qualification, our RVN’s must attend regular and on-going training courses each and every year.

Our nurses will provide free advice to clients on the following subjects:

  • Worming and flea control.
  • Dental care.
  • Obesity problems.
  • Diets.
  • Basic training problems.

Please telephone us, or see our reception staff, to make an appointment with a nurse.