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X-rays In Avian Medicine!

Take a look at this interesting x-ray of a psittacine bird we saw recently.

There are 2 views on the same plate, but the abnormalities are pointed out on the first x-ray. The main abnormal findings are a distension of the "coelom", where all the abdominal organs are (the white round area marked by the clear arrow).

This suggests that an organ is enlarged, or there is a mass. It's difficult to discriminate between individual organs, as they are all the same density on the x-ray. The black area on either side of this is the air sac, which is compressed and reduced in size.

The other finding of note is hyperostotic polyostosis - storage of large amounts of calcium in the bones (the bones, especially, some of the leg bones are very bright white - as marked by the orange arrow). This is often seen in female birds with very high levels of oestrogen as the body stores calcium ready for producing eggs.

X-rays are really useful in avian medicine!!!