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Alison Jones

Veterinary Surgeon

Although she has a typically Welsh surname, Alison was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland.

As a child she was obsessed with all types of animals and would often drag her parents to the zoo and even bring home stray dogs! Her first dog, Lucky, wandered into her grandfather's butchers shop and became a member of the family for the next 15 years!

Alison always wanted to become a vet and at the age of 21 she moved to Warsaw to study Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. Whilst there she had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and spent over 5 years playing Gaelic Football for the Warsaw Gaelic Football Club, eventually becoming their Treasurer.

Outside of work she is a cross-fit enthusiast and loves running along the banks of the Taff in the evenings. Alison also enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with friends, enjoying the Welsh countryside.