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Jennifer Evans

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Jennifer, originally from Bridgend, has always had a passion for animals. She has owned 7 guinea pigs a rabbit and a dog. At a young age was known to try to tempt stray cats to her house despite already owning 4! 

Jennifer initially completed a National Diploma in Animal Management, she then volunteered at a near by kennels for a couple of years before securing an opportunity to start training as a veterinary nurse in a local practice. She joined Valley Vets in 2011, where she continued with her training and proudly qualified. Jennifer’s enthusiasm and knowledge saw her promoted to Deputy Head Nurse of our Cardiff Hospital in 2014..

Jennifer developed an interest in Hydrotherapy after seeing the improved recovery time and mobility benefits to her family dog, Lucy, following her surgery.  Jennifer wants to help make a difference to other animals by providing hydrotherapy where needed. She is now based at our Veterinary Hospital.

Jen has interests in all animals, however, her biggest passion is for cats, she currently has 3 beautiful cats, all hand reared by her,  'Daisy', 'Keira' and 'Custard'. Jens approach and ability to work with any cat has her affectionately known as the ‘cat whisperer’ or (alternatively) the ‘crazy cat lady’! She has even hand fed lions! 

An 11yr old Border collie, Suki, is the newest addition to the family and likes to try and help herd the cats. 

One of Jens longer term ambitions is to run her own boarding cattery.

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys walking with her boyfriend and Suki, especially on the beach near their home, camping and going on new adventures.