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Annual Health Check and Booster Vaccinations (dogs and cats)

  • Dogs and cats' bodies age much more rapidly than human bodies. Significant changes can occur in relatively short time periods
  • Regular health checks are very important throughout their lives
  • All our team ( receptionists, vets and nurses ) firmly believe that it is very important for us to try to make your pet's experience at the vets as pleasant as possible for them. Our staff will handle your pet gently and compassionately and try to win their trust with lots of treats. If possible, we will always try to examine nervous dogs at floor level, allow cats to explore the room a little and try to reduce stress in both cats and dogs with some appropriate grooming, back scratching or belly rubbing.
  • During a 15 minute appointment with a veterinary surgeon, a full clinical examination will be performed and any specific questions or queries answered
  • Appropriate vaccinations will also be discussed and administered as needed.

Dog annual vaccination - £64.00 each

Cat annual vaccination - £66.00 each

(Prices correct as of 12/03/24)

Please note that our prices are specific to the level and standard of care that we provide at Valley Vets. They should not be used as a like-for-like comparison with other vets as our procedures may not be the same. Not all vets are able to provide the same level of care.