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At Valley veterinary Hospital we can offer a variety of referral services at a single centre with 24/7 veterinary supervision. 
Our team of clinicians have many years of experience and have obtained additional skills and qualifications that allow them to deal with those cases above and beyond most primary care centres. 

If you require further information about the services available we welcome you to browse the following sections. 
For veterinary surgeons wishing to refer a case or requiring further advice, please complete the quick online request forms and we will contact you and/or your client as quickly as possible.

Valley Vets physiotherapy - Dedicated animal hospital with prestigious physiotherapy suite


Valley Vets offers Physiotherapy treatments for dogs, cats and rabbits which are medication free and can have great results in helping pets manage pain and in improving their mobility. Our veterinary physiotherapist offers animal physiotherapy treatment at our dedicated Physiotherapy suite.

Cat and Dog rehabilitation with our Hydrotherapy, Thermotherapy and Electrotherapies rehabilitation methods


Valley Vets rehabilitation encompassing our Hydrotherapy, Thermotherapy and Electrotherapies rehabilitation methods. Our rehabilitation team uses a purpose-built, highly prestigious animal hospital which has a hydrotherapy room and physiotherapy suite.

Orthopaedic Surgery at Valley Veterinary Hospital


Our team of skilled surgeons benefits from a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art tools, including advanced digital radiography, a cutting-edge CT scanner, real-time intraoperative X-ray capabilities, and access to a purposefully designed orthopedic theater.

Medicine at Valley Veterinary Hospital


Bringing together a spectrum of advanced diagnostic services under one roof, from Imaging Radiography, Ultrasonography, and CT Scans to Guided Biopsies and Internal Medicine expertise, our comprehensive approach unveils a new era in pet wellness.

Endoscopy at Valley Veterinary Hospital


Our advanced endoscopic procedures allow us to navigate the intricate inner landscapes of your pet's body, offering precise diagnoses and targeted treatments. Discover a new dimension of veterinary care that illuminates the path to optimal health and well-being for your cherished companions.

Valley 24/7

Here at Valley 24/7, we understand how distressing it can be when your pet is admitted for out of

Dentistry at Valley Veterinary Hospital


Your pet's dental health is our priority. Our dedicated Dental Care services offer a spectrum of treatments, from routine cleanings to advanced procedures. Experience the transformative power of a healthy smile as we ensure your furry friend's oral well-being, one radiant grin at a time.

Dog Hydrotherapy and Cat Hydrotherapy in Cardiff


Our pool and treadmill elevate pet wellness, boosting mobility and relieving discomfort. Experience the healing essence of water at Valley Veterinary Hospital.