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Valley 24/7

Here at Valley 24/7, we understand how distressing it can be when your pet is admitted for out of hours treatment, they are members of your family and we will always regard them as such. Our team is highly experienced and provide compassionate, round-the-clock, care for pets in South Wales.

In anticipation of your pet's care, your usual veterinary practice will complete a treatment record for the Valley 24/7 team.

This will tell us:

  • What your pet has been diagnosed with
  • The treatment plan that your vet has discussed and agreed with you
  • Any relevant history (including x-ray images, laboratory results etc)

Most pets are transferred on one of our veterinary ambulances. This is arranged by your usual veterinary practice. On all of our ambulances we use Pet Remedy to help ensure that your pet has the calmest journey possible. The special Pet Remedy blend of essential oils is valerian based and works alongside natural relaxation pathways to help calm nerves of anxious pets.

When your pet arrives at Valley Veterinary Hospital, they will be admitted, clinically assessed and treatment continued as appropriate.

All the team at Valley Veterinary Hospital are used to working in high pressure situations and are experienced in dealing with any emergencies they may face. Should your pet's condition concern us, we will try to contact you first to discuss how their treatment plan may need to change. It is therefore vital we have the correct contact information for you at all times.

If your pet's health deteriorates very quickly, we will always put patient welfare first - so we may need to act immediately and contact you afterwards.

We recommend that you keep in regular contact with us via telephone. Please call: 02920 001 454 If your call is not answered within 8 rings, our team may be dealing with an emergency case. Please be understanding and try again ten minutes later.

We usually find that an update last thing at night and then first thing in the morning works best for clients but you are welcome to ring our team at any time of the day or night. We always try to accommodate visits during your pet's hospital stay. Visitors need to be supervised n clinical areas, so please understand that this is not always achievable.

When is it is time for your pet to come home, unless your pet is discharged directly into your care, they will normally be returned to your usual veterinary practice so they can see what treatment your pet has received. Please arrange a follow up appointment with your usual vet as soon as possible to discuss your pet's care in more detail. 

Where medication has been dispensed, this will be enough to cover your pet's needs until your usual veterinary practice is next open. Please visit your usual vet as soon as possible; a longer treatment course may be required.

Clients of those practices that have partnered with Valley 24/7 benefit from heavily subsidised fees. Basic out-of-hours fees include a consultation. Costs may vary according to the time of day or of it is a public holiday. We recommend that you ask us for a breakdown of costs once, or twice every 24 hours.

The team at Valley Veterinary Hospital provide a 24/7 emergency service for animals in South Wales

Clients registered with us benefit from reduced fees* of:

£240 (08.30am - 6.00pm weekend and bank holidays) 

£250 (6.00pm - 12.00am) 

£275 (12.00am - 8.30am) 

*Normal fees start from £299

All prices are inclusive of weekends and bank holidays, consultations and VAT. Additional treatment fees apply.

We appreciate that paying for emergency veterinary treatment may be a concern some pet owners. If you are worried about your means to pay, there are several organisations that may be able to provide funding and support e.g. the PDSA, RSPCA or Blue Cross. Please let your own practice and Valley 24/7 team know if you are worried about costs.

If you are intending to make a claim on your pet insurance, it is good practice to review your insurance policy first to ensure that your pet is covered for emergency care; sometimes exclusions can apply, such as pre-existing conditions. 

If you have been asked to send insurance documents to the Valley 24/7 team, please email them to