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How to help your rabbit during a vet visit

Rabbits are a prey species and can become a bit stressed during a vet visit, when they are out of their home environment.

However, there are lots of things you can do to help your bunny.

  • Always allow your rabbits to play in and around the carry box that is used to transport them. Please do not keep it hidden away and only get it out of the back of the shed when you need it for a trip to the vets. Regularly offer favourite foods inside the carrier to encourage them inside. This means that the carry box itself will not be a cause of stress and will actually become a very familiar den, helping to reassure your bunny.
  • If your bunny has a companion, please bring him/her along. Rabbits hate to be alone and will be hugely reassured by their friend coming along to keep them company.
  • Always put lots of hay inside the carrier.
  • Put some favourite fresh food inside the carrier also.
  • If your bunny will be staying with us for the day, then please bring a carrier bag of their usual hay and also some of their favourite foods with them and leave these with our nursing team.
  • Consider using Pet Remedy Spray. This is a natural, herbal product based on Valerian and has been shown to help calm many rabbits.
  • Cover the front of the carrier with a towel to reduce the chance of your bunny seeing things that may upset him/her.
  • In the car, keep the carrier facing forwards and keep it level – please roll a towel under the back of the carrier if your car seat slopes. Also remember to secure it well with a seatbelt.

As much as you can, keep your bunny as far away from predators (dogs, ferrets and cats) as possible. Consider the following options:-

  • after checking yourself in at our reception desk, go back to your car and wait there with your bunny
  • after checking yourself in at our reception desk, ask a member of our reception team to place your bunny on their own, in a quiet back room, whilst you wait in our reception area
  • if you do wait with your bunny in our reception area, please keep the carrier on your lap, never on the floor and always keep it covered