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Obesity is an ever increasing problem in many of our pets. Carrying additional weight can put extra stress on all parts of the body and eventually shorten your pet's life span. It can also make conditions such as arthritis worse and makes our pets more prone to diseases such as Diabetes.

Weight gain is a gradual process and most people don't realise how much weight their pet has put on. It happens for all sorts of reasons. For example, the change in hormonal balance after neutering will slow your pet's metabolism, making them more prone to weight gain. Simply reducing your pet's food intake a fraction can help prevent this. You may have a new job or baby, which has altered your dog's exercise regime. Whatever the reason, we can help you develop a plan that's right for all of you and fits with your current lifestyle.

Try running your hands down your pet's sides. If the ribs cannot be felt easily and you cannot see an obvious waist, then they may well be overweight. The great news is that there are lots of ways we can help your pet lose weight. We offer lots of support to pet and owner with our slimming programme. At the initial visit, your assigned, experienced nurse will weigh and measure your pet and work out a target weight. They will then work very closely with you until we achieve our goal and your pet is slimmer and fitter. Please contact our reception team to book an appointment and let's give your pet a new lease of life this year.