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Valley Veterinary Hospital - Building update!

Our building team are resuming work on the ground floor today. During this part of the rebuild, the CT suite will need to be temporarily shut down, hopefully for no longer than six weeks.

Our team have worked extremely hard to get this facility back up and running and nearly 30 patients across South Wales have benefited from this service.

We’d like to share one of our more unusual patients that benefited from our CT imaging, a beautiful urban red fox that was under the care of ARC - Anna’s Rescue Centre.

The CT revealed an air gun pellet lodged inside her skull, missing her brain by millimetres. This was an old injury and we went on to treat her for a nasty mouth infection. We have been informed she has recovered very well.

We will keep you posted on the building progress on the ground floor and as soon as our CT service is back in action we will let you know!