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Mr Ted in residence...

Pacman frog

Do you remember Mr Ted?

We featured Mr Ted just before Christmas and we thought we'd let you know how he's getting on. Mr Ted belongs to our Head Nurse Claire, at our Cardiff Hospital. He is a super cool Pacman Frog, who originated from South America.

Mr Ted has settled in well, he has a new terrarium, which has a substrate that he can hide himself under when feeling antisocial.

He has a new light which has low UV levels to simulate what he would naturally have in the rainforest. He is a strange little guy and has his funny little habits.

Mr Ted is also very lazy which pac-man frogs are by nature. His favourite food is Dubia Cockroaches, which I am sure he would keep eating until he popped. He really enjoys a bath after his food, where he will remove some of the skin he is shedding by using his front and back feet. He then climbs out of the bath and takes himself off to his favourite spot under a plant digging himself in for the night.