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Ferret Grant Fights a Growth

(Please note that this article contains scenes of surgery)

When Grant’s owner felt a lump in his belly they knew something was not right. They brought Grant down to see Sophie, their vet, for a check up. Sophie agreed the lump was rather large and was not normal. Luckily Grant was still very well in himself and was still eating and drinking normally. Sophie admitted Grant for further investigations.


An ultrasound scan confirmed a very large mass on the spleen. The liver and other organs did not appear affected and so the decision was made to undergo surgery to remove the mass.

Grant was placed on fluids to support his blood pressure during the operation. Pain relief and antibiotics were given to help prevent infection and a heated blanket was used to help keep Grant warm during his surgery. The mass was firmly attached to the body of the spleen and so the best option was therefore to remove the mass and spleen as one. Although it is not ideal to remove the spleen, animals can survive without it and by removing it with the attached lump we may prevent the spread of the lump.

The large mass was delicately exteriorised.

The blood vessels were carefully clamped using special sterile staples to fully compress the vessels before being removed.

Grant was closely monitored while he recovered. He was placed in a warm area with his heated blanket to help him recover quickly and that he did!

He was so bright  that he went home later that day and behaved like nothing had happened.

The mass was sent for histology and was found to be a rare    type of Sarcoma tumour. There is not much known about this particular tumour in ferrets and there is a small chance it may have already spread. However Grant has made an excellent recovery and 2 months later is looking fantastic.  Grants owners are monitoring him closely for any signs of reoccurrence, but he remains as cheeky as ever.

If you find a growth on your loved pet it is always best to have them checked over by a vet as soon as possible.

We would like to thank Grant and his caring owners for sharing their story.